Learning how to be a positive person……

We tend to spend most of our time worrying about finances, health and family. As we continue on our paths of life and are preparing for our futures we need to create a new attitude. One way that we can help with the chaos we deal with in our daily lives is by living our lives one day at a time. We can not change what is going on in our lives but there is no other time more important than the current moment in time so live in the moment and worry about today.

Not only do we need to watch the words we use but we need to watch the people we surround ourselves with daily. Surround yourself with positive people and use positive word and you will see positive things begin to happen for you. Its very hard when you really begin to think about the people around you and the words you use. Most of us will begin to realize that the people we surround ourselves with are not always the most positive influences on our lives. The words we use tend to be not always the most positive things either.

While you take this challenge that I have asked you to take really begin to pay attention to your surroundings. Do you have positive friends to influence you? Do you use positive language or do you complain and say negative things frequently?

Start looking around find a role model a person who lives the kind of life you would like to have. Start paying attention to the way they act, talk and who they associate with.


Positive is the only way to be!

I use to be a very negative person. I had a lot of negative things happen to me in my past life. It took me a long time to realize the negativity breeds negativity. I started reading books on how to better your inner self. I learned a few things and I am very excited to share them with you all.

One of the major things we need to do to become more positive people is be careful of the words we use on a daily basis. We do not always realize how negative we are until we start watching the things that come out of our mouth. So I challenge each and every one of you to pay attention and try not to say anything negative for one week. Please let me know what you notice about yourself pleaseĀ  be honest.